Why outsourcing content writing helps grow your tech business

Content creation is core to digital marketing, but it also takes a lot of time and energy to get it right. Key to this is having the right skills in-house to deliver great content — but if that’s not possible, the next best thing is to outsource to a dedicated, professional resource.

Content marketing provides tech businesses with ideal channels and methods for communication and customer engagement.

But content creation is a commitment. You can’t simply dabble in it. You have to shape a clear strategy and pursue it.

Outsourcing your content creation can help you do this and grow your tech business. It offers you practical professional support and strategic insight and gives you flexibility in how you focus your resources.

Is there room for improvement in your content?

  • According to recent stats, 54% of content marketers rate the success of their organisation’s content marketing as only moderately successful.
  • 63% say a lack of content marketing success is down to content creation challenges.
  • 35% report that they don’t have a person dedicated to content marketing full time.
  • Where marketers have seen content marketing success, 83% attribute this to the value their content provides.

Fundamentally, if you want your content to work for you, it must add value for your target audience. To do this, your content needs to be good quality, and you only get that if you dedicate the time and resources to it.

There are various key elements to creating content that performs well:

  • It must be of a consistently high quality
  • It must resonate with your audience
  • You should produce it regularly
  • You need it to follow a clear strategy
  • You must measure its effectiveness and refine it where you need to.

Are you struggling to create content and is there room for improvement?

Outsourcing your content creation can fill this gap, and it offers several major benefits.

Outsourcing content gives you back time for other priorities

If you’ve got limited resources for content creation, then it’s likely to be one of those things that people in your business have to make time for when they can.

This has two effects:

  • It acts as a drain on your resources
  • It leads to a piecemeal approach to content creation.

Time is the issue. You and your staff need time to focus on key aspects of growing your business, but your content also needs time if it's going to be of sufficient quality to help you win more customers.

The answer’s obvious: if you outsource your content creation, you get your time back, and someone else will dedicate their time to producing great content for you.

It’s a flexible option

Outsourcing your content means you have the means to hire the help you need, at the concentration and frequency you need to fulfil your content marketing objectives.

You don’t have to build your own marketing team from the ground up, and you get instant access to specialist experience and knowledge.

And if there are seasonal variations in your workload, or if you have a new product to launch, then you can bring in marketing resources as and when you need them.

Outsourcing brings a fresh perspective

When it’s your own enterprise, you can be so close to it that it’s difficult to develop the perspective you need to market it more effectively.

A content marketing professional can provide you with this fresh perspective, and, in the process, they’re likely to uncover new ideas for reaching your audience.

Content needs to be consistent, but it also needs to be inventive. Outsourcing gives you access to a whole new set of approaches to your content creation.

It’s a translation service too

Technology may offer straightforward solutions, but the science and thinking behind it can involve quite dry or specialist information.

How do you convey difficult or technically challenging concepts to a more general audience?

This is where a content expert can really shine. They’ll find ways to translate your raw data and other material into nuggets of fascinating, compelling information that answer the needs and questions of your audience.

This draws on the whole perspective thing too. The content creator isn’t just a mouthpiece for your ideas, but also an intermediary between you and your prospects or customers.

Quality, consistency and frequency

Outsourced content creation gives your marketing real momentum. It isn't just about finding that one good idea but producing a succession of compelling concepts that, cumulatively, make their impact felt.

Professional content creation combines quality with consistency that expresses your brand's values and its tone of voice.

Google has basic guidelines for producing quality content. Your content needs to follow these guidelines if you want it to boost your SEO and your online presence.

An outsourced content specialist works within these guidelines but in ways that are dynamic and inventive, whilst designed to engage with your target audience.

And you get fresh content regularly, helping you to grow your audience, build your brand awareness, and establish your enterprise as a trusted and credible source.

Content is the lifeblood of online marketing, and the more quality content you publish, the more traffic you can attract and, ultimately, drive more conversions.

Content creation uses specialist skills

You might think of writing as something anyone can do. But creating content that’s effective is a specialist skill.

Just as your company will have its various areas of expertise in, say, R&D and product development, so your outsourced content creator is an expert in their field.

Outsourcing gives you access to a ready resource for shaping and delivering your content strategy.

Grow your tech business with content

Content helps you reach your audience and connect with them. It can create powerful stories that resonate with people and get them to invest in your brand and products emotionally.

Outsourcing your content creation will give you the resources, practical skills and strategic thinking to help you grow your business.

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Published by Danny Kershaw

Account Manager

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