Plug the Gaps in your Content Marketing Strategy

Create a content strategy that is sustainable and comprehensive, to get the results you need.

Successfully communicating the worth of your brand, products, and services is fundamental to the success of your business, and there’s no better way to do that than with a comprehensive content marketing strategy.

Most businesses understand this, yet only 32% of marketers in 2019 feel they know the best way to run a content marketing campaign (Hubspot, 2019).

This uncertainty, coupled with the capacity challenges faced by smaller companies, means it’s not always possible to prioritise content creation above other business objectives. All too often, contributing content to the company blog and social media channels falls to the bottom of the to-do list.

These gaps in your content marketing strategy are a big problem – because consistency is the key to your success.

Consistency is Key in Content Marketing

When done correctly, content marketing can generate almost three times as many leads as traditional marketing activities. That’s a much better return on your investment – but what does ‘correct’ look like?

To grow your business with content marketing, you need to be consistent both in the quality and frequency of your communications.

Doing so will keep your company at the forefront of industry conversations. Participating regularly in the ongoing dialogue surrounding your sector will help you to establish and maintain the authority of your brand. It will also allow your audience to rely on you as a constant source of insight and information – a relationship you need to establish in order to influence their purchasing decisions.

Regular content releases also become a compelling reference point your sales team can point prospects to. Over time, you’ll build a repository of knowledge that drives leads to select your solution over others, and gives existing customers the confidence they’ve made the right choice.

Achieving Consistent Content Releases

Its effectiveness makes content marketing an essential part of your business strategy. Yet, achieving the level of consistency needed to see results is time intensive.

Make an Exhaustive Content Plan

Becoming consistent with your content schedule involves a lot of planning. You will need to establish a comprehensive content calendar, planning coordinated content releases across all applicable media channels.

At Prize Content, we plan our clients’ content calendars 12 months in advance. By preparing this content upfront, we ensure we are consistent in our scheduling and give ourselves the capacity to react to unanticipated events with additional writing as the need arises.

Take Your Content Further

You also need to consider how the articles you plan to write can be expanded into a range of additional materials, such as podcasts, ebooks, and other resources that can be used to generate leads and further promote your business.

Becoming Consistent in Quality

Ensuring the quality of your content is consistently high is all about understanding the value proposition of your business, and knowing how best to present it to your chosen market segment.

Understand Your Customers

Market research and customer profiling can help you to understand more about the needs, wants, frustrations, and aspirations of your customers. Performing geographic, demographic, and psychographic research will give you the insight needed to create content that your chosen audience finds helpful and informative.

At Prize Content, we pick up the slack in your content marketing strategy with effective communications that build authority, generate leads, and positively influence conversions. We work with small- and medium-sized businesses to define clear customer profiles and produce professionally written content that positions the value of brands, products, and services in the most effective manner.

Speak with us today to see how your business could benefit from consistent, high-quality content marketing.

Published by Ben Tyrer

Head of Communications

Helping SMEs establish brand authority and grow their business through quality content marketing.