Generate New Audiences for Your Museum

With audiences dwindling, museums need to diversify and attract new demographics, and it can be achieved with funding. Read more on our blog.

In 2017, The Mendoza Review was published. The report followed an independent review of museums in the United Kingdom and contained some alarming statistics:

  • A 31% drop in real-terms cultural funding since 2010.
  • 64 museums closed between 2010 and 2017.

As reduced funding and dwindling audiences took their toll, The Mendoza Review expressed the need for museums to grow and diversify their audiences in order to survive. It also highlighted how the museum sector had fallen behind other arts and culture sectors in digital innovation.

Three years on from The Mendoza Review, museums were still struggling to attract the audiences they need to survive — even before the onset of COVID-19. Their use of digital mediums is a key area that could be improved.

At Prize Content, we’ve teamed up with Supporting Heritage to tackle some of the findings of The Mendoza Review and rejuvenate museums across the UK. And what’s more, we can potentially help your museum without cost to you. That’s all thanks to the National Lottery Projects Grants from Arts Council England.

These grants can range from £1,000 to £100,000, and are accessible by individuals, organisations, museums, and libraries to pay for arts, museum, and library projects. Arts Council England says “accredited museums can apply for projects that help people engage with their collections or their work”, and that’s exactly the goal we want to help your museum achieve.

Using our knowledge of content marketing, and Supporting Heritage’s understanding of museums, we’ll help you gain access to new audiences and produce communications that pique their interest in the collections you have on show.

If your museum would benefit from accessing a brand-new audience, get in touch with the Prize Content team today.