Bounce Back from the Pandemic and Draw New Crowds

The pandemic has hit everyone hard, but museums and galleries have seen revenue stop entirely. Read on to find out how to attract new audiences.

Like every other non-essential business, museums have been closed for the majority of 2020. Since the lockdown was enforced in March, the arts, culture, and heritage industries have been badly affected, with funding drying up.

In early July, the government announced a welcome and much-needed £1.57 billion investment in museums and galleries, among other cultural establishments. While this funding will ease the immediate cash flow problems, the deep-rooted issues facing museums and galleries still need to be addressed.

As the Mendoza report highlighted in 2017, the industry has been on a decline for more than a decade. A 31% drop in real-terms cultural funding since 2010 has posed a significant challenge, and no doubt contributed to more than 64 museums closing during those seven years.

The report recognised the importance of museums growing and diversifying their audience, and catching up with other arts and cultural sectors in digital innovation — and that’s what we want to help you do.

We’ve partnered with Supporting Heritage, a team with first-hand experience in the industry, to provide support to museums in building their reputation and attracting new audiences.

We’ll increase your online presence, giving you methods of engaging new and younger audiences to revitalise interest in museums and galleries and ignite the sort of passion that is passed down through generations. What's more, funding may be available to support your project through the National Lottery Projects Grants issued by Arts Council England.

We can’t wait to help your museum increase its audience and establish a brighter, more sustainable future.

To find out how Prize Content and Supporting Heritage can support you, get in touch with our team today.