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Value Proposition Canvas

We will work with you to create a Value Proposition Canvas, which allows you to articulate your strategy and serve as a blueprint for future growth.

Our experienced team will take you through a structured fact finding workshop to create a document (Value Proposition Canvas) which explores in detail your offering, industry landscape, and target market. This process and document will help provide you with clarity about your plans for the future, and how to realise them.

The Value Proposition Canvas is invaluable as an internal resource to shape your strategy. It also allows you to communicate the value and viability of your offering to investors, financiers and other stakeholders.

Brand Specifications

We will work with you to produce a unique brand that accurately represents your company and conveys the right message to potential and existing customers.

We will help you convert your beliefs and objectives into a thorough brand specification that forms the foundation of your company’s actions.

It is important for companies to have a well-defined ethos that guides their actions and decision-making. To develop your company’s specific ethos, we produce a series of documents that build and govern your brand specification. These documents include your company’s mission statement, goals, and core values.

Customer Profiles

We will compose exhaustive customer profiles that deliver invaluable insights into your ideal audience.

Developed using thorough audience analysis, information, and data, these profiles give you a complete understanding of the people who are most likely to become your customers.

The profiles contain demographic information, including average age, occupation, location, and personality type, as well as descriptions of the customer’s goals, motivations, and frustrations.​

Equipped with this information, you can improve the efficacy of future marketing and advertising campaigns by directly targeting those who are most inclined to purchase your products or services.

Editorial Calendar

Our team of professional copywriters will plan a 12-month calendar of editorial coverage for your business.

This calendar of content is designed to build the credibility of your business while increasing its online reach and visibility, through a range of content across different platforms, audiences and topics.

These regular content releases will be scheduled to coordinate with events in your business or industry calendar, to maximise your company's exposure. The content will also be made up of 'evergreen' content which will provide value to your audience time after time.

Product Viability Testing

We will help you to measure product viability with content designed to entice early adopters, gather product feedback, and gauge interest to determine the degree of product-market fit.

We’ll use expertly written content to rapidly validate product ideas and help your business determine the effectiveness of its value proposition and chosen market segment.

This can be accomplished at the product development or incubation stage to negate the need for costly pivots in future.

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