Preparing Aero Commerce for Liftoff

The Client

Aero Commerce

Prize worked with Aero Commerce, a new ecommerce platform, to create a strategy and content that helped them build their brand and audience.

Frustrated by expensive, overcomplicated ecommerce platforms and the complacent companies that provided them, Aero set out to build something better. The result of their quest is an industry-leading platform that outperforms its competitors in almost every category.

The challenge

Building the Brand

Aero needed to make its voice heard.

It needed to establish its position as a serious player within the competitive ecommerce market quickly, following its launch and initial round of funding.

With a small in-house marketing and sales team, Aero needed help to amplify its voice and to position itself — both as a platform of choice for retailers and a friend to ecommerce agencies.

In the tight-knit ecommerce world, trust goes a long way to building a brand. But how to create that among an audience who weren’t familiar with Aero?

To make the brand fly, a ground-up assessment and strategy was needed.

The Solution

Authority and Trust through Content

Creating effective content starts with understanding the audience, so we grilled Aero’s CEO Rich Bendelow and CTO Matt Burton to learn about their customers.

Lots of questions!

That allowed us to identify those areas where Aero could help its audience — retailers and ecommerce agencies alike — and create messaging they would identify and engage with.

The groundwork was laid with our ‘strategy pack’ of tools and assets that every Prize client gets;

  • Value Proposition Canvas.
  • Customer Personas.
  • Tone of Voice Documents.

We supplemented that with an Editorial Calendar of content, designed to reach Aero’s audience at different stages of awareness across a range of topics.

Implementing the Solution

Our content for Aero has included;

  • Copy planning and writing for their new website
  • Regular blog posts
  • Email copy
  • Social media posts
  • Pitch/slide decks
  • Case studies
  • Marketing collateral

As well as providing strategic guidance and technical support across a range of issues.

The Results

Aero has grown its following across social media platforms and generates consistent positive engagement with every new post. Enquiries from ecommerce agencies to use the platform are ever-increasing.

Just as importantly, working with Prize has allowed Aero’s own sales and marketing team to punch above its weight in terms of output. Not just that, they have an open door to Prize’s team of experts who support them in strategy, planning, and creation.

It’s been great to work alongside Aero as they’ve grown over the course of the last year, and we’re excited to support their growth into the future as pioneers in the world of ecommerce.

We needed an agency that would help shape Aero’s communications from the ground up following a major round of investment, and Prize has delivered that in a short period of time.

Our content now communicates our messages clearly, and speaks to our customers and users in a way that sounds like Aero. I’m looking forward to having Prize on board as Aero continues to grow.

I’d definitely recommend Prize Content for their ability to understand what our brand needs, and write content that accurately represents Aero Commerce.

— Rich Bendelow, CEO and Co-Founder, Aero Commerce

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