Communications F.I.T. for Growth

The Client

F.I.T. Sports Injury Clinic

Located in Gosforth, a well-established area of Newcastle upon Tyne, F.I.T. Sports Injury Clinic is renowned for providing expert physiotherapy services alongside world-class strength and conditioning coaching.

Its state-of-the-art facility means F.I.T. can proudly offer professional-level training and support to athletes of all levels.

The challenge

Untapped Opportunities

Despite a loyal community and growing reputation, F.I.T. still had capacity to take on more clients, and they knew which area must improve for them to do so.

“Our communications were poor as we essentially didn't have time for it”, said Director Carl Bell. “We were Introduced to Prize Content as we had a requirement to deliver educational, informative content to our customer base.”

The Solution

Getting to Know the F.I.T. Clients

F.I.T. Sports Injury Clinic is one of a kind.

Their combined offering of training and physiotherapy sets them apart from any other gym or sports injury specialist, as well as the superior standard of their staff and services. With this in mind, we knew it was crucial to gain a firm understanding of their clientele.

The average gymgoer is content with a functional, low-level offering, F.I.T. Sports Injury Clinic is for people who are serious about their sport and their fitness. No one knows their customers like a business, so we hosted a workshop with F.I.T.’s directors to get to know more about their clients.

These important details were used to produce a series of documents that would prove vital in the success of F.I.T.’s future content.

Becoming Consistent in Communication

While F.I.T. had a social media presence, it was inconsistent and based on updates and promotion of products and services. In early 2019, F.I.T. had also briefly dabbled in content marketing. But, as is the case with many companies, they found it required more time than they were able to afford.

From F.I.T.’s previous marketing activities, the framework was there for us to capitalise on their audience and use the blog on their website to start engaging people and attracting new customers.

Pandemic? No Problem!

As the coronavirus pandemic gripped the UK, facilities like F.I.T. were forced to close.

It would’ve been easy for F.I.T. to fall silent during this absence. But instead, they recognised the importance of having their voice heard despite the unprecedented circumstances, and agreed for the campaign to go ahead.

Over two months, we produced three blog posts for F.I.T. providing valuable information to people wanting to continue training safely during the lockdown and into the future.

The blog posts were supported by weekly social media posts and an email for each blog post, all written using the documentation about F.I.T.’s target market.

Making Gains

In the campaign’s first month, F.I.T.’s website drew 237 visitors from social media, an increase of 257.6% on their previously highest monthly figure. In the three months following the start of the campaign, all traffic to F.I.T.’s website had risen, with visits up by 42.5% and unique visitors increasing by 31.5%.

Most importantly, though, were the responses of those visitors. As F.I.T. wanted to attract new clients, the real test of the campaign’s success was how many of those visitors turned into customers.

During the campaign, F.I.T. gained at least 15 new clients, and their physiotherapists have more than double the number of clients they have ever had. We’d say that’s a pretty successful campaign, but what do F.I.T. think?

“From the word go we have been hugely impressed with the speed, care, and quality of the work Prize Content has performed. Customers have complimented us personally, which is only a credit to Prize and their team. Investing in Prize has been a great addition and a relationship we look to strengthen.”

— Carl Bell — Director, F.I.T. Sports Injury Clinic

Content Marketing Works

We've loved every moment of working with F.I.T., and we're excited to continue doing so long into the future. We're also delighted with the results of the campaign, and the positive impact it's had on F.I.T. Sports Injury Clinic.

The results achieved are testament to the importance of communication, even during the toughest times; there always being an opportunity to gain new clients; and the fact that content marketing works.

If you want to find out how your company can reap the rewards of an effective content marketing strategy, we’d love to help, so give the Prize Content team a call.

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